Countertops are a Huge Part of Your Remodel

Countertops are a Huge Part of Your Remodel

Countertops are a Huge Part of Your Remodel

Kitchen countertops

Remodels can be a massive undertaking. There are so many things that help to create a large budget and a lot of work. Because many look at ways to lessen that budget, the temptation is there to choose a countertop material that saves money.


You might even find that some materials have a good look. Some will even claim to copy natural stone. Still, actual natural stone has the kind of staying power that you want if you’re putting together a new kitchen or bathroom.


Since there are so many other materials out there, we thought that you might want to see what kind of drawbacks to look for in those materials.




If you spend any time looking at material for countertops, you’ve seen this cheaper alternative. However, if you’re thinking about resale value for your home, this will not be an answer for you. Buyers tend to look for granite or some other natural stone product. A home sale can be bogged down by laminate counters because buyers will see it as a sign that serious work needs to be done.


Laminate doesn’t take heat very easily, causing lots of damage. That’s because it’s made from glued layers of material. Not only will pans cause problems, but knives will too if you decide to chop things on this surface.




It’s the stuff of trends when it comes to countertops. However, it also comes with drawbacks. Concrete tends to be easier to stain or etch. It also naturally cracks over the course of time and it acts similarly when put into a countertop. As a home naturally shifts, hairline cracks will appear. That means maintenance and repair more often to keep them looking good.


Stainless Steel


It’s a material that’s been used in commercial kitchens for years. It looks great, but doesn’t stay that way. Stainless steel has a tendency to fingerprint easily. That means cleaning your countertops more often than other materials because of the smudging involved. You’ll also notice more dents and scratches, which won’t look good in a new kitchen.


The Answer


If these drawbacks have given you some pause, the answer couldn’t be clearer. Natural stone gives you a look of sophistication that will last for many years and will make a statement in your kitchen or bathroom. Investing in natural stone is something you’ll be so glad you did. We’d love to talk more with you about making your remodel look fantastic. Make contact with us today and let us show you what we mean.