At Stone Central, we take pride in all aspects of what we do. With over 100 people we operate in teams with a clear responsibility.

Design & Sales

Navigating the seemingly endless countertop options available today can feel like an insurmountable task. With Stone Central, it doesn’t need to. Some of our customers come through our doors with a clear cut understanding of what they want. While others are just beginning the process. Regardless of your needs, we would welcome the opportunity to assist you. Our team also calls on our business partners across Upstate New York, making sure they are fully informed on countertop trends and availability.

Customer Service

Our dedicated team is here to support your needs during and after the sales process by answering your questions related to estimates, order placement & project scheduling. The essential details necessary to ensure the success of your project are communicated through this channel and back to our internal team members on every project.


Our teams of professional measure technicians visit on average 25 job sites every day. Capturing the critical information necessary for the success of your project is more than just taking a few measurements. Years of experience has taught us what to look for and how to prevent project delays so that we can ensure the proper fit and finish on every project.

CAD & Programming

Translating field dimensions into working shop drawings requires a keen eye for finite details. Converting the field dimensions is just one part of the process. Positioning each piece of material considering slab orientation, seam placement and product specifications is the first step in the process. Approved drawings are then assigned to your specific material and encoded for equipment recognition on the shop floor.


Raw slabs of material travel throughout our production facility in a deliberate and systematic process. Initially, our sawyers make the rough cuts for every piece of material using our state of the art CNC machinery. Depending on your design intent we will utilize specific equipment for either rectilinear or curvilinear cuts. Edge profiles will then be extruded from each piece of countertop before they move onto the polishing tables. Hand polishing the finished edges is the final step in the fabrication process, before moving onto quality control. Our Quality Control inspectors are trained to identify product defects and make minor repairs. Every edge & surface that comes off our production line is meticulously inspected prior to leaving our factory.


You can feel confident in knowing that all of our installers undergo rigorous background checks. Our installation crews are employed and insured by Stone Central. We do not rely on outside subcontractors. Our vehicles are outfitted with custom racking systems designed specifically to ensure the proper transportation of your countertops. When we arrive you can expect courtesy and professionalism from our experienced staff.